eye - 2002-11-07



I love nipples but my own nipples are usually very flat unless it is cold out or I stimulate them. I want perky nipples. I want the kind of nipples that you can see through a T-shirt. How do I go about getting nipples like this? Do I have to follow a strict regime of nipple-tugging toys or is there some kind of collagen injection that I could get for them? Plus, can your nipples become more sensitive with time and play? Mine aren't very sensitive. FLAT AS A PANCAKE

Many people claim to experience increased sensation though piercing, a procedure that would also most certainly increase your nipple size. One of the problems with size increase through piercing is that if you use high-gauge jewelry and then choose to remove it, the hole causes your nipples to flop.

I gave Dr. Stubbs a call to get the 411 on any new/astounding surgeries he might know of in the field of nipple enlargement.

He suggests you go the non-invasive route to begin with. Using something that produces suction (think a 3cc or 5cc plunger on a syringe or even perhaps a snake-bite kit), work on your nipples for as much as you can handle a day. If you see no permanent change after six weeks, you have some surgical options, such as an ear- cartilage graft.

There are complications involved in this sort of stuff, of course. Dr. Stubbs says that even though the 20 or so ducts that make up the male nipple are rudimentary, any sort of graft surgery and meddling around with duct areas could produce a pretty serious infection. I'd make an appointment with him (416-927-9900) or another accredited plastic surgeon to discuss your options. A consultation costs $50, but you will get it back if you book.

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